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Mr. Soni's Computer Programming class inherently satisfies virtually the entire canon of teaching pedagogy "legalese":
  • Differentiated instruction / Scaffolding
  • Student-centric active learning
  • Authentic project based assessment
  • Collaborative groupwork
  • Student driven content
  • Inquiry based learning (How can I make my program do xyz?)
  • Interdisciplinary learning (Algebra and Computer Science)
  • Real-world skills
  • Constant application of prior learning
  • Technology based instruction

Authentic Learning: According to experts such as Dr. Fred Neumann (1992), former professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, authentic learning includes three critical elements: 

  • Deep inquiry of the content under study; 
  • Relevancy of the student work to persons or entities beyond the school day;
  • Students’ demonstration of their learning through products

Next, here's something a standardized test can never measure:  Authentic learning in their own words....

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