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Math Regents Prep
JMAP: Regents Math tests (with full solutions)


Q: When should I take the SAT II (Level IC)?
A: It can be taken after finishing Math 2 (Geometry)

  • Math 1: Algebra
  • Math 2: Geometry


Q: When should I take the SAT II (Level IIC)?
A: It can be taken after finishing Math 3 (Alg2/Trig)
  • Math 1: Algebra
  • Math 2: Geometry
  • Math 3:  Selected Algebra2/Trig topics:
    1. Imaginary numbers (i)
    2. Systems of equations
    3. Functions 
    4. Composition of functions
    5. Logs
    6. Trigonometry
    7. Law of Sin & Law of Cos


Q: Are Math 3 (Algebra2/Trig) topics on the ACT?
A: Yes, about 8-10 problems out of 60.

  • Domain/Range
  • Systems of equations
  • Absolute Value Inequalities
  • Logs
  • Trigonometry 
    1. SOH|CAH|TOA
    2. Radians (pi/180)
    3. Sin/Cos graphs (0 to 2pi)

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